About Ali Mirzaei

I, Ali Mirzaei, born in 1340, started my photography career since 1374 and had opportunity to have the companionship of the Master of photography Mr. Nickol Faridany in Nature Photography.

I started my career utilizing Analogue 135 mm cameras, then switched to medium format cameras with size ranges of 6×6 / 6×7 / 6×9 negative and slide analogue modes, but finally with the emergence of digital cameras I resorted to digital photography since 1385 using the most advanced and updated cameras and equipment shooting nature, long shots, archeological places and scenarios, urban and rural life. I had my first photo exhibition focusing on Haj pilgrimage in 1385 at Nickol Gallery. I have been granted certificate of appreciation at “Sea Photos festival” in 1386. In 1394, I have been appreciated by the Hormozgan Photography Forum and approx. 20 frames of my photos have been held screened for public view and gallery. I joined the photographers’ assembly of Iran’s Cultural Heritage. My photo frames have been screened and received appreciation as the best example in different galleries and exhibitions such as “Dessert Photography Show” in 1394, Health Ministry Nature Photography Gallery in 1395 and may other prominent Galleries and Exhibitions. While visiting abroad, I have conducted professional scenery photography in Malasia and Germany. In 1396, two of my frames about wind towers structures have been screened in Gallery “10 days with Photographers” and among them 6 frames have been published in the book titled “Iran, the Land of Wind towers”.

Certificate and Awards